About CNCBasics.com

We have decided to develop an online source to share the concepts, ideas, & application of the "World of CNC".

The different areas which we will develop for our visitors will be:

Books, Tutorials, & Forums


CNC Programming Product Family

In this "Family of Product" we are slowly trying to put together some modern approaches to CNC Programming in hopes that an updated approach to the subject will help readers understand concepts rather than the currently offered 40 year old traditional institutional approach to education

Through this media we are currently using the "Print On-Demand" & "Self-Published" approach for publishing which means we can offer this line of products inexpensively to our customers and readers.

These books are first ever written work primarily by first time author "Michael J Peterson" with many collaboratative efforts by many co-workers, peers, & a local Machine Tool Program Advisor.



The soon to come online Video Tutorials will be very helpful for those that need some visual examples and explanation to different concepts.

The first series in development will be complimentary to the CNC Programming Book, but will also include other areas of interest in the field such as videos that focus on the use of "CAD/CAM", "Blue Print Reading", "GD&T", & many more.


The CNCBasicsForum.com is a newly created forum in which people can share ideas and ask questions of peers in order to continue to learn based on specific questions.

This forum's long-term vision is to be easy to navigate and is not cluttered with advertisement like most of the well used, high-traffic forums that are currently available to internet users.