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This is going to be an Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle.

Because I grew up and currently live on the Iron Range of Minnesota, I have always wondered what the bottom of all of our Open Mined Pits look like now. Some say that the pits flooded years ago while some were in production and there is equipment at the bottom. Others say that during Prohibition many of vehicles were driven off of the banks to escape Law Enforcment.

I would like to see if any of it is true.

In researching Underwater ROVs I have found they are very expensive, so I decided to design and build my own.

Currently I have built all of the tubing and end caps and because propeller/impeller sizes and designs readily available do not suit my needs on this project, I am currently reading about propellers and tyring my hand at designing my own.

Long term I figure if I can keep the overall cost to under $1,000 I believe this could be a marketable product for private hobbyists and a cost effective direction for businesses also.



This is a possible commercial product line which I am exploring.

In CNC Machines the tool holders have a Retention Knob/Pull Stud on the back of it from which the machine tool grabs it to hold the tool in the machine. One shop I worked in we had to use wrenches to change the Retention Knobs, which are case hardened and over the course of a couple weeks a wrench would wear out becuase there is not much surface for contact.

Well I decided to make a couple of these Socket style tools to help change the Knobs. The socket style works well by using the stud shank in lining up the tool to then use to turn it. No more slipping nor wearing out.

After making this tool I did some research and there currently are some different types of tools like this but are fairly expensive. I am looking at possibly trying to manufacturer these for a retail price around $20.


projects at work

Tools used:

MasterCam X3 2D HighSpeed Core Roughing

1" Carboloy Seco Superturbo

Kurt Mini-Lock MT8

Haas EC400

Finished :

MasterCam X3 Finish Flowline

1/2" Ball Endmill

1/4" Ball Endmill

Haas EC400 12,000 RPM